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Effective Treatment of Opioid-Use Disorder Through Telehealth

A breakdown of BMJ Innovations' in-depth review of Bicycle Health's clinical model

"An effective way to reach unreached patients"

In 2022, BMJ Innovations, a peer reviewed online journal focused on emerging digital health, published a descriptive review of Bicycle Health’s novel clinical model for treating opioid use disorder (OUD) via telehealth.

This review made Bicycle Health the first virtual OUD treatment provider to publish transparently on its processes, successes, and limitations in a peer-reviewed format. We've created a white paper that breaks down the key findings published by BMJ.

Highlights Include:

  • An overview of the recent trends in opioid use and barriers to care for OUD.

  • An examination of traditional OUD treatment options and their challenges.

  • A deep-dive on Bicycle Health’s virtual care model and its efficacy compared to traditional treatment options.

  • A look at the future impact telehealth treatment will have on OUD treatment.

Download the White Paper

A Word from Ankit Gupta
Founder and CEO, Bicycle Health

"In 2021, we saw over 75,000 opioid-related deaths in the U.S. — yet less than 10% of people accessed treatment, usually due to stigma, lack of accessibility, and the cost of treatment. This descriptive review is a major validation of Bicycle Health’s innovative telehealth model as we work to bring effective OUD treatment to patients across the country, and ultimately help more people live fulfilling lives free from opioid addiction."