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Urine Drug Screening (UDS) Program

Bicycle Health’s At-Home Urine Drug Screening Kits

Bicycle Health created its own, proprietary, urine drug screening (UDS), which includes testing cups that we designed and a testing protocol that is producing phenomenal outcomes. 

UDS is an essential component of OUD treatment. It is an objective way to mark progress towards goals, maintain patient accountability, prevent diversion, and ensure the safety of treatment. Bicycle Health has instituted a robust compliance program with a proprietary randomized at-home drug testing model that makes OUD easier to diagnose virtually than in person. 

Each patient receives several of our purpose-built test kits at a time to keep at home, and tests are ordered randomly. Patients are notified via text to complete the test. If it isn’t completed within 24 hours, the delay is considered a sign of concern for relapse, which helps to keep patients accountable. 

The medical provider will review the results of each test kit to determine if the medication supports effective treatment and progress toward goals, or if it suggests the patient’s regimen should be modified.  

On average, patients misuse buprenorphine (diversion) 29% of the time. In these cases, in-person clinics are at risk of patients falsifying results because it’s not possible to truly randomize the screening process when scheduling patients to come into a clinic for a test. Bicycle Health’s screenings are truly randomized and are done virtually via mobile phones. Bicycle Health doctors also have the ability to randomly and directly observe an on-screen saliva test. 

Bicycle Health is in the process of studying the efficacy of its UDS program, but preliminary results of the study show that only 5% of patients’ urine samples were not a genetic match, meaning 95% of patients are submitting their own urine and that providers can rely on remote monitoring for compliant and accurate screenings. 

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