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Pharmacy Finder

Bicycle Health’s Pharmacy Finder Tool

Providing Patients with a Supportive and Seamless Pharmacy Experience

Once you’ve started on the road to recovery, it is important to quickly build momentum and strengthen the foundations of your future success. 

That’s why Bicycle Health introduced our own Pharmacy Finder tool, which takes the logistical guesswork and potential stress out of finding the right location for patients to fill the prescriptions they need as part of their treatment.

How Does the Pharmacy Finder Tool Work?

Bicycle Health built its proprietary Pharmacy Finder tool to give clinical support staff the ability to:

  • Identify an easily accessible pharmacy ahead of a patient’s first visit
  • Confirm the identified pharmacy most likely to have buprenorphine in stock based on history
  • Confirm the pharmacy accepts the patient’s insurance
  • Validate that the pharmacy does not have a reported history of stigmatizing or declining service to patients receiving tele-OUD treatment
  • Provide ongoing support via an after-hours, on-call provider to troubleshoot filling difficulties

What Bicycle Health’s Pharmacy Finder Tool Delivers

The Pharmacy Finder tool helps its clinicians and support staff significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to help a patient locate a pharmacy with buprenorphine in stock. The tool also minimizes the financial and logistical barriers that may prevent patients from getting the medication they need as part of their treatment plans.  

The Result?

Bicycle Health’s Pharmacy Finder tool has helped clinical support staff successfully find medication in stock at a pharmacy convenient to the patient 75 percent of the time and reduced the percentage of same-day unfilled prescriptions from 10 percent to 1 percent.

Bicycle Health Pharmacy Tool Graph


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