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Urine Drug Screening (UDS)

Bicycle Health’s At-Home Urine Drug Screening Kits

The Support and Structure Patients Need

Successful recovery from opioid use disorder (OUD) requires the right mix of support, motivation, and accountability,and this is exactly what Bicycle Health’s urine drug screening (UDS) kits provide to our patients.

Using our own proprietary approach and design, Bicycle Health’s drug-screening process includes the materials, professional support, and structure that patients need to achieve success. 

What Our UDS Kits Provide

Bicycle Health knows that UDS is an essential part of the success of OUD treatment. In addition to helping patients and their support teams mark progress toward their goals, UDS maintains patient accountability, prevents diversion, and ensures safe treatment. 

With the Bicycle Health UDS kit, each patient receives:

  • Purpose-built test kits to keep at their home
  • Random prompts to test, initiated via text message
  • Personalized support if the test isn’t completed within 24 hours, which is considered a sign of concern for relapse

Each UDS kit is reviewed by a licensed medical provider to verify effective treatment and progress toward goals.



Take the Next Step

No matter where our patients are in their recovery journey, Bicycle Health delivers on its mission to provide high-quality OUD recovery treatment.

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Bicycle Health Patient

"I’ve tried many other programs and rehabs, but none of them have ever come close to the innovative, effective design of this program and its administrators. I highly recommend Bicycle Health! I would suggest that anyone who’s struggling with opioid dependence, contact them for help today!"